About Us

Our Ethos

Dragonfly Coaching & Career Services was established to support the development of female talent in business. We understand that women experience the workplace in a very different way and face very unique and specific challenges.

Our Focus

Our practice is focused on helping women to develop fulfilling careers, supported by great organisations that actively foster diversity of talent, work-life integration and individual career development. We do this by providing leadership and executive coaching on a one to one and group basis for women at all stages of their careers.

Wide Ranging Programme Offering

From Female Leadership Development Programmes, Parental Support Programmes to Re-engaging with your Career Programmes, we understand that great talent requires great supports. Our unique approach enables women and their organisations to develop leading edge skills, tools and capabilities to capitalise on their potential and build sustainable careers and businesses throughout every stage of their working lives.

Our Credentials

Established by Orla Berkery, MSc. Business & Personal Coaching, Member of ICF,(International Coaching Federation), EMCC, (European & Mentoring Coaching Council) & BPS (British Psychological Society). With 20 years international experience of Human Resource Management, Talent Management and Leadership Coaching in Global Organisations, we apply this knowledge, skill and experience in developing our wide range of coaching programmes and supports for women. All our coaches are qualified to Masters Level and are BPS Accredited (British Psychological Society).


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