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Career Coaching for Women

What is career coaching?

The most common questions people have is what coaching is and how it can help.  Many people come to coaching to address specific work or life challenges and also seek to develop their skills in a particular area. The topics that people want to discuss are as varied as the individuals themselves however some common coaching topics I hear are from clients who may:

  • have recently been promoted to a new more senior role and are trying to manage their confidence self-doubt that comes with a new role

  • be struggling in a male oriented workplace

  • have been asked to take on a challenging new assignment and are unsure how to take this on to make the most of the opportunity

  • be feeling challenged with their organisations culture and politics and want to reflect on how best to engage with it

  • be experiencing fear and doubt about your ability to succeed in a new role

  • facing the challenge of managing peers who now report to you

  • feeling stuck or confused about work or life issues

  • or simply looking for a new career direction

Additionally, my experience has taught me that women experience the workplace and its dynamics in a very different way to their male counterparts and this is also an area that is frequently considered in my coaching approach.

If any of this sounds familiar, you can take comfort in the fact that this is very normal and that coaching can offer enormous benefits to you.


Coaching can help you understand more about what is getting in your way and work with you to develop the toolkit to help you to tackle the challenges whilst embracing the opportunities in front of you.

As a coach my role is to facilitate you in the process, offering a secure and confidential space in which to actively listen and to explore with you how you can develop your insights to gain fresh perspectives and identify new approaches based on shifts in thinking and approach.

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