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Career Transition
"Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For"
- Sean Patrick Flannery 
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At Dragonfly Coaching, our focus is on finding you your ideal job - one that matches your values and compliments your lifestyle. We understand that the traditional assumption of "having a job for life" no longer holds true in todays fluid and dynamic job market, and many people have a number of different careers throughout their working life. We work with people who want to make this change in an individual and planned way, at a pace that suits their requirements.

We do this by providing a tailored service to our jobseekers to suit their particular needs, by working with them on an individual basis favouring this approach over group workshops. For further information or to discuss your personal needs in confidence please give us a call today.

Career Transition involves change and change pushes us out of our comfort zone. It almost always involves an adjustment period, the length of which varies from person to person. Sometimes this can be an easy process and other times it can make us feel less in control than we are used to. 

Our career transition programme is highly individualised and focuses on what is important to you - in line with your values, as you search for your next role.

Career Transition can be both a challenging experience and an exciting one, you may be transitioning from one sector to a different one or from one career to another. You may find that previously held values you when you began your career, no longer hold the same importance to you now. 


Finding a job that suits your lifestyle and values can be incredibly hard.  Having the support of an experienced professional to guide you, will enable you to conduct your job search with confidence. With this support, you can confidently and effectively develop a proactive search strategy.