Company Maternity Coaching Programmes

Our programmes make business sense. Progressive and supportive organisations, who are committed to supporting their female employees as they re-engage with their careers after having a baby are instrumental in the success of a woman’s future career. Becoming a new mother is said to have the single biggest impact on a woman’s career progression.

Great organisations who support their employees during this short time, reap the rewards of investing in Maternity Coaching on many levels; from the retention of women to the development of their careers. Research shows that 12% of women will opt out of work or switch employer due to anticipated problems in balancing work and family roles following the birth of a child.

Programme Benefits

  • Financially there is a high cost associated with replacing lost talent.
  • Retention – One third of women will seek employment alternatives due to a lack of flexibility from their current employer
  • Additional Commitment Women can often feel unsupported and unsure of the career options available to them at this transitional time
  • Confidential, objective external support to ensure women can re-engage with their careers in a supported and structured way
  • Assists businesses to achieve their Diversity, Equality & Inclusion targets
  • Attracting Talent Businesses who offer progressive employee programmes are seen as ‘employers of choice’ by potential employees
  • Minimises grievances and limits negative experiences which can be associated with re-engaging with work after maternity leave

Our Programme

  • We proactively manage the entire maternity process in a step by step way with both the expectant mother /returning woman and line manager to ensure the employee remains connected with work
  • We engage with and coach line managers – We are expert in asking the difficult questions and in finding solutions!
  • We support the returning woman in her career decisions by identifying the most suitable working arrangements, career supports necessary to ensure she re-engages successfully with her career

It makes business sense to approach maternity leave proactively in a planned, supported and structured way. Through our programme we ease this transition in a supported, safe and confidential way.

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