New Parent Coaching

New parental leave and paternity entitlements coupled with welcome changes to our equality legislation, means all new parents share leave entitlements when welcoming a new child into their lives.

Providing your employees with New Parent Coaching, ensures your employees feel valued and supported during this phase in their lives. It also positions your business as an ‘employer of choice’ with potential employees.

Programme Benefits & Overview

  • Enables your employees to remain connected with the workplace during their leave
  • Eases the transition back to work / into a new working pattern so that they return engaged and ready for work
  • Prepares new parents in anticipating / overcoming challenges that a new baby or working arrangement can inevitably bring
  • By focusing on continued career development, our coaching programme works to keep talented employees engaged
  • Retention of Top Talent – thus ensuring a rich and diverse talent pipeline
  • Working with both parties to ensure that returning parents are fully re-integrated into the business so they feel valued as employees
  • Line management coaching – offering support in the areas of career planning and team structures that may arise following a change in working arrangements

“We believe that all parents need to be supported when welcoming a new child into their lives”

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