Diversity & Inclusion Programmes

Progressive companies and leaders understand that having a culture of inclusion and diversity drives innovation and success.

Organisations where diversity matters, have successfully expanded their workforce through the inclusion and appointment of women at entry-level and senior management positions. However, gender disparity, unconscious bias and intersectionality remains a major issue across many industries, with most management and director level positions occupied by men. To be future-focused and drive success, innovative and progressive companies must focus on how to best serve their talent and clients through their diversity initiatives.

At Dragonfly Coaching, we understand how to best represent, respect and include all employees at all management levels and provide equal opportunity for progression to all employees across business.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Programme Informs Business on

  • How to prioritise D&I in all your business decisions
  • How to embed D&I in your company’s culture so that it sits at the heart of your organisation
  • How supporting your employees will positively impact your organisational wellbeing, your business and your value proposition
  • How to drive success and innovation through D&I

Programme Benefits & Overview

  • Auditing the current structure of your business to examine how you have previously and are currently focused on D&I
  • Communicate with employees about their experience of D&I in your business and how improvements in D&I training would support them
  • Greater opportunity for progression and promotion for all employees
  • Recognising shortfalls and biased behaviours which have negatively impacted employees, and understanding how to learn from this
  • Creating an inclusive and respectful work environment and culture so every employee feels welcome and that their voice is heard
  • Empowering employees to speak up about biased behaviour with confidence that the problem will be resolved justly
  • Ensuring management sets an effective example for respectful behaviour
  • Understand how to the business must adapt to ensure D&I is at the fore of hiring, promotion and business decisions

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