Female Leadership Development Programmes

Founded in our own research and publication into the “Impact of Executive Coaching on Senior Executive Women…”, we have identified that there are 6 key stages in womens careers, ranging from Graduate to Senior Leadership. Each stage brings unique barriers, challenges and opportunities and therefore requires specific interventions and supports. Moreover, women are choosing to re-engage with and return to their careers (at senior levels) at differing stages of their careers, thus requiring differing supports.

We have developed a Female Leadership Development Programme for businesses to support their female talent and ensure a healthy female talent pipeline at each of these stages covering:

  • Authentic Leadership Development
  • Accessing Senior Roles & Senior Role Models
  • Development of Political Skill & Access to Networks
  • Resilience and Confidence Building
  • Self-Management – Isolation, Emotional Boundaries, Self-Belief
  • Managing Psychodynamic Bias in Organisations
  • Work-Life Integration

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