Industry Third Level Mentorships

Industry Third Level Mentorships


In follow on from last month’s blog on mentoring, I wanted to highlight an initiative that I am personally involved in and the many benefits of partnering with a third level institution.

For industry and third level mentorship / partnerships, the benefits are many for the organisations and the individuals involved. This type of mentorship programme can help bridge the gap between higher education and employers expectations and brings ‘reality’ which can help ensure higher education and Industry are aligned with course offerings and business needs. It allows for job placements and future employment opportunities between industry and institutions.

From the student mentee’s perspective mentoring offers the opportunity to have a dedicated, objective “sounding board” outside of their faculty. They can also develop a professional identity and networks in preparation for their future world of work and get assistance with topics from communication skills and CV’s to interview techniques.

For the industry mentor, they also win with an opportunity for skills development, including, communication skills, improved self-awareness, exposure to a different generations’ world view, challenges, career aspirations and perspectives on the future of work.

So, if you haven’t already considered mentoring or becoming a mentor perhaps now you will – given the upside of professional and personal growth that it can bring


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