Lunchtime Learning Sessions

Suitable for successful organisations who are interested in investing in supporting employee development, engagement and well-being. Our sessions are current and based on ongoing research and developments in the area of employee experience and well-being.

We offer Lunchtime Learning Sessions to Companies who wish to support employeewell-being and stay current and informed on new developments relating to the workplace experience. Our Lunchtime sessions are engaging, motivating and encourage employee participation. We offer sessions on current topics designed to be inclusive, informative and collaborative.


  • Voluntary and informal sessions for employees held over lunchtime
  • Each session lasts 30-40 minutes
  • Held in the company workplace
  • Tailored to your organisations requirements
  • Designed to be educational, informative and inclusive
  • Run as a stand-alone or as a series depending on your requirements

Example of Topics Covered

  • Recognising and Avoiding Gender Bias in the Organisation
  • Employee Support Initiatives
  • The Reality of being a Working Parent in 2020
  • The Unique Experiences of Women in the Workplace
  • Glass Ceiling – What Glass Ceiling?
  • The Mindful Workplace
  • Pay, Pension & Parental Parity

Benefits of Lunchtime Learning Sessions

  • Offers an opportunity to improve employee engagementand involvement in your business
  • Sociable, Engaging and Collaborative learning delivered in an informal setting
  • Encourages discussion and knowledge sharing across groups within your organisation
  • Fosters employee well-being and the employee experience
  • Promotes and supports Diversity & Inclusion Policies through engaging discussion

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