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Having a baby is one of lifes greatest events! and one that no-one can truly prepare you for.. from the impact a little one can have on every aspect of your life to how tired you feel in those early days. 


You may find yourself wondering what you actually did with your time before your baby arrived and now how you will manage with the immense responsibility that a baby brings to managing your work and career. 


However, you can take comfort from the fact that you are not alone with these feelings and so many new parents who return to work do so successfully and happily, which is borne out by the ever growing proportion of women in the workplace and the growing number of men who a becoming primary carers or joint carers for their children.


Returning to work is not without challenges, however with some planning and forethought the transition can certainly be made easier.

The parents we support are keen to return to work in a positive and engaged manner and continue progressing in their careers and contributing highly to their organisations.


Through our programme we ease this transition in a supported, safe and confidential way.

This programme has been designed to support parents before, during and after the birth of their child with the aim of increasing the successful return of women and men to the workplace after having a baby.


We can also provide support to organisations to ensure that the best supports are put in place for employees, which aims to maximise the retention of key talent post maternity / paternity leave. Our programme further assists new parents in a way which enables them to return in a confident, reassured and managed way that demonstrates their employers’ commitment to them and enables them to maintain their career trajectory and contribution to their organisations.

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From a business perspective, it makes good sense to approach maternity and new parent leave proactively rather than reactively in a planned, supported and structured way.


Financially, there can be a high cost associated with replacing lost talent should a new parent decide to leave. Costs associated with maternity / paternity leave and cost of maternity / paternity cover are some of the financial considerations. However, the loss of key talent from the company and the associated psychological impact this has on remaining team members can be difficult to truly measure.


Our programme also offers support to line management who are keen to ensure a smooth transition for their returning employee also.


From the returning employees perspective, most will agree that having a baby is a lot more challenging and tiring that they anticipated and it can be somewhat overwhelming. 


Having a new baby and returning to work can sometimes feel overwhelming and isolating and it can take some time to get routines established with babies, partners and carers. This is a time when many women and new parents lack confidence. Certainly, it is a period of transition, one which undoubtedly will involve a period of adjustment and a time when most new parents welcome additional support.


By investing in maternity / parental coaching for your employees, you are maximising the successful return of your valued staff. In doing so, most employees return to work psychologically and emotionally prepared for this transition.