Maternity Coaching Individual

We understand that having a baby is a huge event! And most will say that it is a lot more challenging and tiring than they ever anticipated. Having a baby and juggling a return to work and keeping your career on track can sometimes feel isolating and overwhelming. Having an additional layer of support in the form of an external coach will ease the transition from home to work and make your return a more confident one.

Our maternity programme is designed to support you before, during and after your maternity leave. This typically involves 3 coaching sessions with an optional additional follow up session. We work with you so that when the time arrives for you to return to work, you are prepared to re-engage with your career in a planned, structured and managed way.

Our Maternity Coaching Programme Offers:

  • Emotional & Psychological Support – We understand that emotions can range from excitement to fear and everything along the way when returning to work
  • Our Experience – You will be reassured and motivated in the knowledge that other mothers we work with have shared similar experiences!
  • Confidentiality and Objectivity – to discuss and encourage you to find the best work-life balance for you and your family
  • Practical Preparation – We provide a safe, confidential and objective space to discuss your feelings as you prepare to return to work
  • We anticipate and prepare you for the challenges – of returning to work
  • Prepare you to return with increased confidence – as you re-engage with your career
  • Information on Work Patterns & Flexible Options – and assist you in your decision making process to find what works best for you
  • Support and plan your Career Development – so you can return to work in a confident and engaged manner

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