Mentoring and why it’s good for us all

Mentoring and why it’s good for us all


Depending on the type of organisation you work for, you may or may not have access to a formal work mentorship programme. If you are not fortunate enough to be part of a formal programme, don’t worry – I have some good advice on finding a suitable mentor and where look for one!

So, what is mentoring? Put simply, it is a voluntary, professional supportive relationship between two individuals. It is focused on the nurturing of the whole person, whereby the mentee sets the goals and areas of development he / she wishes to work on.  The mentor offers support, insight and perspective and their goal is solely in the development and support of their mentee. It focuses on the broader personal and professional skills development and has a number of key elements: improving performance, career development, counselling and sharing knowledge.

There are many benefits both from the mentee’s and mentors perspective. Given my ‘day job’ it is something I often encourage clients to consider as part of their long term career development strategy.

Obviously, for the mentee – they gain and opportunity to explore their own goals and career aspirations with (typically) a more senior industry leader and have an opportunity to be challenged and motivated in a safe environment. They gain access to a ‘sounding board’ to discuss their ideas or challenging situations they may find themselves in at work. They also gain access to a person of experience that they wouldn’t ordinarily have within their network. There is also the opportunity to trial new behaviours in a ‘safe space’.

For the mentor, there are huge rewards and personal value to be gained in supporting a more junior employee who is at an early stage in their career journey. Additionally, mentoring gives the mentor an opportunity for self-development in terms of their leadership style, communication skills and listening skills. What’s not to love!

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