Re-Engage with Work, Step Back Up

Our Re-Engage with Work and Step Back Up Programmes offers your business a solution and opportunity to access a wider talent pool that is inclusive of highly educated and experienced women.
It is widely acknowledged that having more women at a senior level in business corelates with higher profitability, better debt structure and growth rates and better innovation and diversity of thought. By investing in your female talent pipeline at all career stages, your business will benefit.

Who is it for ?

Aimed at professional, experienced women who have taken a career break or extended carers break, ranging from 1 to 8 years or for women who may have returned to their careers at a more junior level (due to work-life challenges) and now wish to ‘step back up’ to a more strategic level.

We offer a tailored programme to support your business in growing your female talent pipeline and supporting your Diversity & Inclusion policies.

Programme Overview for Business & Returner

  • Re-engagement programme run over a 20 Week Period
  • Tailored programme specific to your company needs
  • Company receives ongoing support from induction to completion
  • Offers phased or full return based on your organisations needs
  • Attracts top, untapped female talent pipeline
  • Ongoing structured group coaching sessions
  • Designed to support existing performance management and induction programmes with mid-point and end of programme review
  • Partners with HR and line management on the talent development of your new employees

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