Self-Doubt – How to overcome it at work

Research shows that self-doubt can begin in girls as early as 6yrs old which can impact our self-belief and career decisions years down the line. Bringing awareness to this for both men and women, establishing support groups, providing coaching, access to mentoring, social & organisational policies can all have positive impacts.

In this article from the Financial Times, Sian Bielock discusses strategies to overcome our negative self-doubt

It is easy to be critical of ourselves and to ignore evidence of our successes. But we can also work to overcome our own insecurities. For every negative thought that crosses our mind, it is essential that we lift ourselves up and remind ourselves in very specific terms of what we have accomplished. This is so important because when negative thoughts go unattended, we end up reallocating our mental resources to manage our fears rather than focusing on the task at hand. This resource depletion is not just contained to what we are doing in the moment; the impact of this stress spills over and can have a longstanding impact on how women process new situations and use critical thinking skills”

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