Team Coaching

Our Team coaching is focused on providing support to a diverse range of teams; from Leadership to Newly Formed Teams, Stagnating, Geographically Dispersed to High Potential Teams to enable them to maximise their potential, in becoming Value Creating, High Performing Teams who can consistently deliver value for their stakeholders.

Our Team Coaches work individually or in pairs depending on your needs. Our coaching takes a fresh approach and brings energy and renewed momentum.

We work with the Team Leader & Team

  • Get Clarity on how to create Value
  • Help the team define and articulate their Purpose
  • Understand their Context, External & Internal Systems and Environment
  • Understand how to work more effectively with conflict
  • Identify and remove their performance barriers

The 3-DAY SPRINT For Teams

The Sprint is a great option for virtual / Hybrid Teams in need of a boost! The Nature of the 3-Day Sprint is that it is delivered in short, sharp sessions,

The 3-Day Sprint consists of a 3-hour session, once a week, delivered over three weeks:

  • The team picks one area of focus and learns how to architect more effective ways of working together.
  • During the three days, teams will work collaboratively in the virtual coaching room under the guidance of their Sprint Master who facilitates, challenges, and supports the team toward project completion.
  • The team completes the Sprint having progressed their project with greater confidence and an understanding of their performance as a virtual/hybrid team, allowing them to build their teaming skills so they can apply this new learning to other projects and workstreams.

Discover & Define

Brings the team together to discover untapped team potential, define their focus area and create clear context for their vision, impact and opportunities. The team finishes Sprint 1 with three key actions to execute before the next Sprint.

Challenge & Architect

Starts with a retrospective and moves to challenge the team to reflect on their performance and accountability. We build on this by bringing the team through a process of design thinking that pushes out the boundaries of their problem-solving, innovation and collaboration capabilities.

Embed & Empower

Is focused on reviewing and consolidating learning and new ways of work. It gives teams the opportunity to revisit previous Sprints and make sense of what feeds or blocks the team’s ability to perform so they can repeat the process on other projects and work streams.


The support and insight we got from our 3 Day sprint has been very valuable. As Team Leader, I have seen strong developments within the group, people stepping up and getting involved and working hard to achieve the end result… thanks to Orla and the Sprint sessions we now have the tools to drive this project forward to completion. And to also take away key learnings that will enable us to continue working in similar ways in the future

Ursula Mackenzie

Team Leader

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