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 The Symbolism of the Dragonfly

The Dragonfly symbolises transformation and change in perspective of self-realisation, energy, potential, maturity and depth of character...."

In almost every part of the world, the Dragonfly symbolises change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The change that is often referred to has its source in mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meaning of life.


In reality, the dragonfly only flies for a short fraction of its life.  This symbolises and exemplifies the virtue of living in the moment and living life to the fullest. By living in the moment you are aware of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you want, what you don’t, and to make informed choices on a moment-to-moment basis.  


The Dragonfly further symbolises


The dragonfly specifically represents a change in perspective and a shift toward self-realisation. Change is rarely easy.  The ability to be open to it and accept it requires maturity.  Dragonflies symbolise this maturity as well as our ability to see the deeper meaning of life.



Dragonflies can be a symbol of self that comes with maturity. They can symbolise going past self-created illusions that limit our growth and ability to change.



Dragonflies are powerful yet graceful – (even in challenging conditions). They show us how to navigate life’s storms with confidence and ease.  



Dragonflies have incredible vision…almost 360 degrees . Nearly all of the dragonfly’s head is eye, so they have incredible vision that encompasses almost every angle except right behind them.



Dragonflies can travel upwards of 45 miles per hour, fly backwards, hover like a helicopter, and change direction with seemingly impossible speed, this enables them to respond to change effectively. 


As it flies only for a fraction of its life, this symbolises and exemplifies the virtue of living in the moment and living a life and having a career that is more mindful, purposeful and rewarding - this is central to my coaching work.