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Career Coaching for Women Returning to Work

Group Programmes

Our group programmes are open, supportive and collaborative events which encourage and facilitate your input and interaction with other participants who are also seeking to return to work. Our programme groups are small and are limited to no more than 8 people to ensure every woman has the time to get the maximum value from the programme individual coaching. We also offer CV advice, career assessments and profiling to ensure that you're on the right track and in the right frame of mind to begin your new journey.

Returning to Work Following a Break


Returning to work after a career break or period of absence is a big decision. It will ultimately involve a period of change and transition. I have found it to be a time when women really value the support from an independent voice to get clarity and perspective on how to make this return.

From the early stages of contemplating a return to work to deciding on they type of role you'd like and how you would like to return and make it all fit around your family and external commitments - having the support of a coach (who has also made this transition) can be invaluable.

Often the fear of returning can be a block to fulfilling your career goals. Many women find that their self confidence has dropped and fear that they no longer have valuable skills to offer an employer. Oftentimes there is a worry that it will be too difficult to find the flexibility you need to manage an interesting career and a busy home life.

I offer tailored coaching programmes to support you in your transition from home to work. Whether you require support in the early stages of your return to work such as focusing your search or seeking a change of career direction, I work with you through the process, providing a supportive and safe environment which is focused on achieving  your goals. 


Both group and individual programmes are available.