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Dragonfly Coaching

Dragonfly Coaching & Career Services was established to support the development of female talent in business. We understand that women experience the workplace in a very different way and face very unique and specific challenges. Offering programmes such as Female Leadership Development, Parental Support, Re-engaging with your Career. We understand that great talent requires great supports.

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Dragonfly Coaching

Established by Orla Berkery, (MSc. Business & Personal Coaching), with 20 years international experience of Human Resource Management, Talent Management and Leadership Coaching in Global Organisations. We apply this knowledge, skill and experience in developing our wide range of coaching programmes and supports for women.

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Jul 8, 2020

Tough Gender Diversity Targets are Backed up by Action by AXA Investment Managers

Good news day for Gender Diversity …“With tough decisions to make, boards and CEOs need diverse teams who are able to chal


Jun 11, 2020

Women are more likely to be told ‘White Lies’ in Performance Reviews

According to a new study by Cornell University, women are more likely than men to be given untruthful performance reviews when the


Jun 3, 2020

Tapping into your Flow State

This article by Kara Cutruzzula espouses the positive impact of finding ‘flow’ in our work. We have provided a summary and com